Our Top 10 Tips when ordering Business Cards…


We have seen thousands of business cards over time. Of course, there is no absolute right or wrong, but we think we may have some reasonable thoughts to share……..


  1. Your Business or Company name? Make it nice ‘n bold.
  2. Text & Fonts? Keep your text nice ‘n clear with easily readable fonts, which are not too thin!
  3. Text colours? Light greys and silvers are lovely, but little point if you can’t easily read them.
  4. What’s your service or product? Does your card say? Is it clear?
  5. Bullet points on the reverse? By all means, if not made clear enough on the front.
  6. Print in colour? Yes, to create a better and lasting impression. Your business card represents you when you’re not there!
  7. Use Photographs? There’s not much room on a Business Card to do your image/s justice. Perhaps look at a product leaflet or brochure as well as business cards where we can use your images to greater effect?
  8. Litho or Digital Printing? At Polkadot, we have both available. We can guide you towards the most suitable for you!
  9. Folded Cards? Why not? They are not much dearer. Ask us for the simple options available.
  10. Best cost saving? Print as many sets, at once as you can! This will avoid you extra “set up” costs.
  11. Card weight? Insist on a good solid card (or board – trade speak!). Ask for a sample – 350gsm Min. A floppy business card is about as confident as a floppy handshake.
  12. Proof, proof & proof very carefully. Check every number. Double check before tears!
  13. Matt/Gloss Laminate? for a better feel and long lasting card. Laminate one side if intending to write on the reverse.
  14. Spot UV for that extra touch of class! Everything is possible and produced “in house” at Polkadot!
  15. Rounded Corners? By all means, though extra processes always cost extra. Ask us to estimate as you wish.
  16. Buy from Polkadot wherever possible! We’ll take you carefully through all our top tips and more!

Ok. That’s six extra tips for no charge! We’ll happily give you an honest appraisal of your current business card or, any other item of your marketing portfolio! All you have to do is ask. There is no charge for this!






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