Customers prefer printed paper!


Three out of every five consumers will not choose a supplier who does not offer paper bills, according to a new Two Sides international survey.

The sample of 2,500 people reveals 57% believe that paper bills are still important when choosing suppliers; that figure rises to 66 and 60% for the key 18-25 and 25-34 year old age groups. The under 35’s preference for paper is one of the key facts revealed, with the grouping consistently ranking higher in its favouritism than the overall average.

As to the reasons behind suppliers leaning on customers to move to e-billing, it appears that consumers realise there are financial factors at play.
87% say that cost is the main driver behind it, with just under half (49%) believing there are environmental reasons.

Despite Two Sides’ excellent work, the industry needs to do more, as 67% of respondents believe e-billing is better for the environment. However, 71% say they do understand print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate.

The basic claim that e-billing uses less paper is also debatable, as 38% print out bills at home.

“E-billing can be convenient; however consumers are seeing through the dubious reasons billers give for changing to e-bills, such as ‘better for the environment’, and realise that their bill provider is just seeking to reduce costs,” says Martyn Eustace, director of Two Sides.

He adds: “With 38% of consumers, now at their cost, printing all or some of their bills, the term ‘paper free billing’ must be challenged.”

This report was featured in Print Monthly and can be found here.