Brand (or Logo) design & development


Brand-Development-SquareCreating a brand (or more simplistically, a logo) is the first critical step of any successful marketing plan. There are hundreds of iconic brands today, some so strong that all you need to see is an image, and you know what sort of product you can expect. The Nike “tick” is a such a brilliant, world wide, well known example. The high street is just full of brilliant examples, and some not quite so good!

Now whilst we can’t all be Nike, we can help you create a decent, good looking brand that will stand the test of time.

Whether it’s a brand overhaul or a complete new identity, we can guide you through the process of producing a solid and visually striking image for your company. It will instantly identify you and happily run through all of your company literature, vehicles, uniforms, point of sale, products and more. The best use of  fonts, images and colours will help your brand differentiate itself from the rest.

We will discuss your target audience, your market, and create or refresh your existing brand to reflect this. We have created hundreds of new brands, over time. Our designers have all the experience and advice you will ever need.




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