E Mail Banners are tried and tested “must have” items within our own marketing portfolio. Very useful and successful for us.


At Polkadot, we write campaigns on a frequent basis, to help us promote our range of services. They are a standard part of our marketing mix. We promote these campaigns using direct mail, e shots (to our customers, not prospects!), and also attach banners to our everyday outgoing e mail communications. Each e-mailed banner is set up with a link to an appropriate page on our website.

Maybe these banners would be useful in your business too? How many e mails does your business send out each day? Maybe dozens, or perhaps hundreds? So why not attach a banner which promotes a product or service that you sell? Why not rotate these banners on a regular basis? Why not build a library of them, and schedule them in to your own marketing activity?

We can show you how. We can also design your banners for you to your own specification and size. Here’s a brief sample of some of our own.


Workbooks Pens 3aLaminated B Cards 4








Roller Banners 2nd Half Price v2

Christmas Cards Save 30pc








Our design prices for E Mail Banners start at just £25 each for a minimum of 4 banners, or £30 each for 3, £35 each for 2 or £45 each for an individual banner. All prices shown are subject to sight of your brief. All prices quoted are subject to Vat.

These banners are for illustrative purposes only, and are not necessarily live at this point in time! Check out our home page, or go to our News & Offers page to see details of our current campaign.




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