Polkadot Studio – Your personal web based library of designed and printed company stock items.


How would you like to have your own website built, which is then used exclusively for the display of your own approved, designed and printed materials? This library allows just you and/or your selected team members, the ability to view, and call off any pre-approved items for print and dispatch to anyone of your offices UK and even Worldwide.

ManualsYour library of printed and approved items can include anything you regularly need or use, including Letterheads, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Compliment Slips, Training Manuals, Posters, Business Cards and more. There is no limit of the numbers or types of documents you need to store on Polkadot Studio.

The benefits….

  • Each item has been carefully approved by the company Marketing Director, or similar.
  • Those entitled to order such supplied have been selected by the company Marketing Director.
  • The print, branding, quality and price of each item has already been agreed and approved by the Marketing Director.
  • This process can work equally well in a single or multi-office environment.
  • The web based library is branded to take on the exact look and feel of each company as instructed by the Marketing Director.
  • The system saves hours and hours of ordering processes which might take place nationwide, or perhaps at one location by many.

The website build cost? In many cases zero! The library websites evolve over time, and various products are added and removed as we progress the relationships with our various customers.

If you think that “Polkadot Studio” might be helpful for you and your business, then give us a call and let’s discuss the opportunities. Equally, we would be happy to visit and share with you some real live examples to help you make your decision.

Case Study – One of our customers produces training materials and manuals for their branches all over the UK. Each manual has been written, designed and approved, and is ready for immediate digital print and dispatch to anyone of their branch offices UK wide.

Anyone of their specified team members views “their” website and orders copies of a given manual. This manual is chosen from anyone of 100+ training, marketing and sales collateral items from their library, which has been cataloged and displayed by section, for easy reference. The print production price is shown and the order then placed.

At Polkadot, we receive and acknowledge the order, print the chosen item/s and dispatch to the chosen location.




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