Have you ever run out of printed stationery? Polkadot Store could be just for you!


Polkadot StoreHas someone ever raided your stationery cupboard without telling you, and you find that your last letterhead, compliment slip or invoice book has been used? Oh no! How fast can you organise replacements? How frustrating! Why didn’t someone say? How many times have we heard this story?

Welcome to “Polkadot Store” which will ensure that you never run out of your precious paperwork again!

It works like this. You order 10,000 Letterheads, or whatever quantity is best suited for your needs. We deliver 8,000 keeping your last 2000 (perhaps 2 boxes) in store you. Each of your boxes is numbered up from 1/10 to 10/10, so if you use them up sequentially, you will know exactly where you are. In any event, when you run out of your 8000, we’ll simply deliver your last 2 boxes, same day, and recommend that we go to print for you again, to replenish your stocks. How cool and simple is that?

We can manage all of your printed supplies of any product in a similar fashion. There is no limit to what we can store for you (based on the last box or two of each order). The best bit is – we make no charge for this brilliant service!

So please be assured, you will never run out of your printed stationery again – ever! All you have to do is ask!

So many of our customers are taking advantage of this simple and helpful service, which allows them to concentrate on their business, which is exactly as it should be!



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