Calendars – all year round promoting your business!


Calendars are an excellent way of promoting your business, service or club all year round!

Design – Each one we produce is bespoke to you. Perhaps it simply includes your logo, or perhaps add 12 sales messages, and/or provide your own images? Equally, we can use suitable images from our own vast library. The eventual theme will be yours admire, share and keep. There is no fixed timescale here – maybe 15 months to avoid that frustration of your customers having to replace in December? It’s all for you to choose!

Shape & Size – A4 or A3? Triangular or wall mounted? A flat big sheet, or even inserted into a CD Sleeve? All simple choices to make. Then we will design, proof and print to your specification.

Pricing – Well, we need to ask about your choices first. Then we will respond quickly with an estimate.

Reordering – We would plan to archive your artwork & design for your future use. It belongs to you. We never forget that. Then we can amend the dates for a forthcoming year and reprint, or amend the whole thing. Your options to choose in 12 months time!



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