Continuation sheets – to match your letterheads.

Are you dispatching letters frequently using more than one A4 sheet? Then save your business some money, and use continuation Sheets!

Cost Saving – Your letterhead might well be printed in a number of colours. Your continuation sheets need not be! Could be a real cost saving!

Artwork – We can easily set up your artwork, or use whatever artwork files you already have. Your continuation sheet should compliment your letterhead and might simply use just your logo.

Quantity & Quality – Yours to choose, though a “reasonable” starter pack might include 1000 continuation sheets. The more we print for you at any one time, the less the unit price becomes. As ever, the choice is yours. Our print process is always going to be first class! However, the paper quality we print on is absolutely your choice, but should match your letterheads.

Print Prices – Once again, our print prices depend on numbers of print colours chosen from one spot colour to full process colour, the quantity chosen, and the paper type chosen. Please ask us to quote.

Re-ordering – For larger orders, we are always happy to store a last box or two for you, to ensure that you never run out! We would expect to archive your finished artwork and retrieve it at any future date to print further supplies as requested. The artwork belongs to you, but we can keep it safe! That’s all part of our delivery commitment.

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