Continuous Stationery often includes Invoices, Delivery Notes, Statements & Remittance Advices.

Usually printed with sprocket holes down the left and right hand side of your document, continuous stationery is printed from a roll, in perhaps two, three or four parts, then colated into boxes and delivered. The top copy artwork can vary from the following sheets, and all sheets can be printed in either one, two, three or even four colours, though the norm is usually one or two colours. Any of the sheets can be spot glued, or even coated with UV ink, to prevent the writing or printing going through all of the sheets.

Artwork – Whatever your needs, we can design to your specifiaction, recreate your existing form, or if your have the existing artwork, print to your requirements.

Production time – The print process here usually takes around 5 working days.

Re-ordering – Given the production time here, we would be happy to store a last box or two of your continuous stationery, so that you never run out! Equally to order more supplies, just e mail, phone, or contact us on this website. We would expect to archive your finished artwork and retrieve it at any future date to use again as requested. The artwork belongs to you, but we can keep it safe! That’s all part of our delivery commitment.

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