Presentation Folders……..


Printed folders are a brilliant way to enclose and present your company literature. We try to design them so as not to date too quickly, so that they can be used over time. It is the content or inserts that might change more frequently. So printing folders can usually be quite a cost saving exercise.

Sizes/Types/Options – Most common is an (oversized) A4 or A5 Folder, but there is really no absolute restriction. Some have printed pages, followed by a pocket. Some have a 5mm “depth” and some have no depth (capacity). Most are landscape, some are portrait. All have pockets.

Extra touches – Some covers might be die cut, hot foiled, or even embossed. We have samples of all of these extra touches should you wish to see them.

Inserts & Business Cards – We commonly design & print inserts to match the theme and style of the folder. In addition, we think it is useful to cut Business Card slots into the pockets to house your card and personal contact details.

Design – Each folder we produce is bespoke and the result of your own individual brief. We have plenty of samples to share with you.

Quantity & Production time – How many do you need & when? We have been known to design, print and supply same day – but this is a little unusual. Most orders, from design sign off, will take about one working week. Quantities range from 1 to as many as you want. Yours to choose!

Pricing – We need to ask a you one or two questions about the above choices. Then an estimate will quickly follow, and we will react immediately, according to your response.

Reordering – We would plan to archive your artwork & design for your future use at any  time. It belongs to you. We never forget that. Then we can either amend and reprint, or just reprint whenever you ask.

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