Menus for Hotels, Restaurants & Bars


We work with lots of businesses to design, print & supply menus of all types.

Design – Our designs are all bespoke, and usually themed to suit the business and /or theme of the event or occasion. Nothing is from template here. All styles, and themes are unique. Nothing is ever printed without the full approval and sign off from the business owner. Most are thrilled with the results of our endeavours. The rest are just very happy!

Options – Menus come in all sorts of shapes & sizes. Nothing is fixed in stone. So too are the card types available, the print colour/s and folding, laminating and binding options. We have many samples for you to have a look at, to help you choose what is best for you and your business.

Quantity – Usual orders are between 50 and 300, but there is nothing fixed here. Full colour digital printing allows us to print from 1 to 1000 or more, at reasonable prices.

Pricing – Well, as you can see above, there are one or two questions we need to ask before being in a position to estimate for you. But we are professionals at this type of printing, and can quickly take you through the choices, before providing you with your estimate.

Reordering – We would plan to archive your artwork & design for your future use at any  time. It belongs to you. We never forget that. Then we can either amend and reprint, or just reprint whenever you ask. After time, most menus have some sort of price change adjustment, or perhaps one or two dishes added or deleted before each reprint. Whatever the case, we can update your artwork, and proof with you, before we print fresh copies.


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