Personalised Note Pads. Your team and customers will love them!

Everybody loves personalisation – produced especially just for you, your team and/or your customers alike. Personalisation in print shows that you care and have put in that little bit of extra effort, or just gone that extra mile, to please your team and/or your customers. Most of all, personalisation in print is noticed!

Here’s how it can work for you. We print up a reasonable quantity of note pad sheets, featuring your company logo, and whatever other permanent elements you want. We hold them in stock for you. Then you provide us with some names….maybe all at once, or a few each week. The schedule is is entirely your call! Upon receipt of the names we “personalise” your note pad sheets and glue them up into “pads” and deliver to you. It really is that simple.

Thank you – You might use them as a “thank you” to your team. Or you might choose to delight your customers, as they place orders with you, with some personalised print. The opportunities to use these, or similar products, are limitless. It really is so simple for us to organise, and supply according to your very own individual needs.

We can estimate quickly for you once we know your requirements. Then your team and/or customers can scribble away to their hearts content, courtesy of your business!

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