Scanning – Just how many filing cabinets have you filled so far?



ScanningWhy scan your documents? – How would you like us to empty all of your cabinets, and replace them with one or two discs instead! Of course, we can return your files, or shred them with the appropriate certificate supplied. A very environmentally friendly move!

How does it work? – We drive round and collect your files. We sign for every box, and take them away. Then, back at our base, we carefully go through each piece of paper, from each file and box. Each item is scanned into a digital format for you. We index and catalogue as we go. From all of these scans, we produce one or more CDs, or DVDs, depending on the quantity of files collected.

Digital File types? – We are usually asked to produce pdf files which cannot be “manipulated”. We can produce many other file types, but pdf files are most common.

The cost and time taken? – Much depends on the quantity, and how “clean” your files are. By “clean” we mean whether we need to take books apart, or remove staples or other such obstructions which would otherwise cause jams in our scanning process. Once we see the job, we can properly estimate.

The payback! – So much more space at your office! It’s clean a simple procedure, which allows you to relax in the knowledge that we have every scrap of paper logged, catalogued,  scanned and returned to you in a crisp and clean digital format (together with your files, if you wish!). The discs allow you to retrieve whatever item you may need in the future, and for ever! How cool is that!

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