Your own personalised Workbooks! So professional!

The idea! – From a notepad, to a booklet, and then adding a personalised front cover, we first produced our own professionally designed workbooks last year. Our customers were so impressed with them, that several asked if we could produce something similar for their own businesses and sales teams. Other customers asked for them to use as business gifts for their own customers. Most now are individually personalised, not just with a company name, but a personal name as well. The owners of the individual workbooks just love them! Plus, they are so practical with many weeks of note taking neatly stored in one place. Of course, they will never take the place of your Lap Top or Apple, but sometimes it is really nice just to write something down for a change!

The cost – A little difficult to quote just yet, since each requirement is so different. What size is wanted? Usually A4 or A5? Full Colour covers we assume? How many pages inside? Printed, we prfer, but you can have blank sheets. How many would you like? So have a think for a few minutes and send us details of your request, and we will happily provide you with an instant estimate. These are the details you should consider….. 

  • Size – A4 or A5
  • Usually Full Colour Covers printed with your Logo. 1 side or 2?
  • Text – Usually 50 sheets (100 pages) in B&W (Lined) & your logo?
  • Quantity – from 1 to whatever!

Re-ordering – Just e mail, phone, or order via contact us on this website. We would expect to archive your finished artwork and retrieve it at any future date to print further supplies as requested. Of course, you may need to supply us with some new personalised names, but your artwork belongs to you, but we can keep it safe! That’s all part of our delivery commitment.

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