Foiling – a whole new dimension in print finishes.


foil-square_layout-1We have recently invested in a new laminating & foiling machine which provides us with a whole new dimension in print finishes, and is brilliant for producing invitations, cards and mailers of all sorts.

What does it look like? Well, instead of ink (litho printing) or toner (digital printing) it produces your chosen design, images or text in a metallic ribbon of various finishes. You can choose from silver, gold, copper, rainbow or more! It glistens as it catches the light, and allows us to be really creative with our designs for your invitations, for example, for weddings, birthdays and celebrations of all types. This is the most difficult product to portray on a website, (pictured right) because, as you view it, your monitor simply cannot reproduce the metallic glistening effect, that makes it stand out so well. Much better to see a real sample!

Can I see a sample?  Of course! We have samples we can share with you from the work that we have produced. It really is very popular, and is fast becoming a great new product line.

The cost? How many do you want? What size? What shape? There are too many options for us to guess at a price here. Please just contact us for a quick and easy quote!



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