Social Media – like it or not, it’s massive and growing!


Layout 1The well known social media site, Facebook, has a massive following. It crosses all types of market segments of personal users, and now, very many businesses too! It might be a little easier for businesses trading directly with customers (B2C) to build up a following of friends who “like” your pages, but it does seem to be a growing media where all businesses should have a presence.

How can polkadot help? Well, we can get you started with a good looking business page. We can help you with topics and tips on what you may choose to post. We can design and/or help you with your image choices, and even “manage” your Facebook page if you wish. There is no doubt that Facebook is here to stay, and has a massive following. The trick seems to be to grow your audience with “lighter” and attractive posts. Short and frequent seems to be a good method.

Have a look at our own Facebook page using either of the logos above and see what you think. There is no absolute right or wrong here, but informative and attractive pages count for a lot. By all means “like” our page and comment in what ever way you wish!


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Twitter too has a huge following of both individuals and businesses. Anyone can sign up with a twitter account and follow all sorts of preferred people, including celebrities, sporting clubs, restaurants and a whole load more. Followers of various twitter accounts can have thousands of followers, and lately, even political parties have chosen to launch their news stories using Twitter.

How can polkadot help? Once again, we can help you get started, and share some thoughts with you about what you might “tweet” and how often. It seems likely that, once set up with your own account, you can run this social media tool under your own steam, but we are here to help you with whatever advice you may need.


Layout 1Millions of business people are making thousands of “connections” using LinkedIn. Some are more active than others. We have a LinkedIn presence and are growing our own connections daily. We also share our campaigns and offers across the full range of Social Media sites, and are enjoying the benefits of growing our own customer database as a direct result.

Once again, we can help get you started here, and set you up across all these three common platforms. There are more to choose from, but these three are a pretty good place to start.


Why not give us a call and ask for a marketing review of your marketing collateral, together with a review of your website and social media platforms? You can only stand to gain some useful and helpful advice!





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