Cross Media Marketing


E-CommerceYes I know we’re a design & print business, but we have a background in marketing, as you may have gathered. As such, we cannot impress upon you enough that your new product, service or brand should be marketed with a common theme, across several platforms. These platforms have developed and “moved” over time. Today’s most usual platforms would likely include……

Website Update – Keep your website up to date writing at least 250 new words bi-monthly. This is the very best way of keeping your site featured highly with the various search engines, such as Google and more.

E Mail Banners – Sign off your e mail with an e mail banner which is refreshed at least every month. This sits alongside your company logo. We can help here.

E Shots – Yes, but only to your existing customers, and only to those that have asked, or maybe, not declined. Don’t add to the e mail garbage that affects all of us every day!

Direct Mail – Use selectively, and regularly. Follow up if appropriate. Make it cost effective. We can show you how. We can design, print, help you find your best prospect list, mail and generally manage your campaign!

Social Media – This platform is becoming more and more relevant and useful to us all. Perhaps in the coming months and years, it will be critical to us all. For the most part, it is free. It just needs a bit of attention and careful handling. We can show you how.

Advertising – Yes, though for most SME’s, becoming a little less relevant these days. This media needs a larger budget than most. We can guide you, and of course, design to your specification.