Our Top 10 Tips when ordering a new Roller Banner are here…


Pod-DisplaysAs you might imagine, we design, print & supply lots of Roller Banners. They are a really cost effective way of displaying your products and/or services. So we thought we would write some brief notes on what to look for when purchasing a new model.

  1. Choice – The hardware itself comes in all sorts of quality levels. Some are lightweight, some a little sturdier. Choose the model best suited for you. There are a wide range on the market and we have a wide selection available.
  2. The Cost – Prices charged are directly proportional to quality. Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest!
  3. Lights – Some models have a top light fixing facility. For a small extra charge, choosing one of these can stand you out from the rest.
  4. Design – Logo usually positioned at the top, so your brand can be seen from across a crowded room.
  5. Design – Use good hi-res graphics every time. Minimum 300dpi.
  6. Design – The use of bullet points is good. Your audience may only view for a few seconds.
  7. Laminating – Have your Roller Banner fabric laminated for extra durability and lifespan. We do this as standard.
  8. Demo – Get a full demonstration of how to put up and take down your Roller Banner. It only takes a minute or two.
  9. Careful Handling – When taking down your Roller Banner, never, ever let the fabric go, so that it collapses. You will damage it.
  10. Take Care – Look after your Roller Banner. Treat it with respect & care and it will last you for years and years.
  11. Replacement – With some models, we can replace the artwork/fabric, after time. Consider this when choosing your model.

Our Roller Banner “home” page is here. Hope all that is helpful!





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